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Robert Lawson

Got more video up, been repairing and recovering the seat.

The new pump draws 3 times the amps of the old model so I’m going to have my hands full swapping out batt packs all day on Friday at M-O. We tried a Balistic battery that worked well but not what I was hoping for. Thankfully it will drop right in the CBR 250 R….. love it when a plan comes together!!!!

The Goldspeed guy swapped some text with me on Memorial Day, getting a bit more info and feedback about the tire in question. Fingers crossed, I sure hope we can get a 5.5 wide tire out of them. I loved my Maxxis tires, and would really like to keep my collection of 5″ wheels!

Slowly getting it all together here. I feel the ole Mid-Ohio groove coming on, if nothing else it should make for good video!

Good to see the site back up. Not up to speed yet, but back up anyway!