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Robert Lawson

Things are coming along for Mid-Ohio.

Put in a call to my old friends at Goldspeed USA on Wednesday. I explained (pleaded!) how the Dunlop kart tires at this point have no US importer, which causes an issue for guys like me that utilize a 5.50 wide 5″ tire.

I still have 1 living set of 5.50 Maxxis HG3 tires. After sending a pic of the tire and date code we spoke at length about talking the Corp types into building these tires again. Not sure what the chances are but I’m not ready to toss all my 5″ wheels for 100’s of $$$ in 6″. Maxxis doesn’t offer the HG3 compound anymore but they do have a very similar new compound. I will be testing the rear tire in that compound at Mid-Ohio if all goes well.

Got more videos up at YT, more coming as we prep for June!

Check it out, been runnin’ the leaf blower!!!