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Robert Lawson

Was having trouble getting back on here to post!

As young Luke mentioned above, the kart was “wicked fast” at Grattan. I was very pleased with the work we did and the direction taken after a long Winter of research.

The test results of the cooling system upgrade was not as expected. It ran hot again on H2O temp but did not result in a rev-limit due to overheating like it did at MIS last fall. In a long run of 30 straight laps last Sunday, high temps and all, no sign of that ignition issue and the engine ran very well.

Was up until 2 am last night working with an engineer at Davies-Craig (location: Australia) trying to figure out why my system runs hot (I use their pump). I sent pic’s of the rad, nose, airbox, etc. and spoke about the history of rad changes, mounting and location on all of our karts using the D-C booster pumps. But after attaching a video showing the entire system with the bodwork removed the answer came quickly from the engineer. A few more swapped notes and we have a solution to try.

Those Youtube videos come in handy!!!

So, with a bit of work and some new bits we should be ready to go for Mid-Ohio. It will be 12 years this June since I raced at Mid-Ohio, I have always run good there and my last race was an epic battle with my good friend Scotty Fiesler! Cher and I are really looking forward to getting back down there and seeing all our old friends.

Here is a clip for you….

This is my final run, it takes place the last 25 minutes of the day. We were experimenting a bit. I had changed up the….configuration, of the engine, and was just comparing some real time data. As always, read the description to get an inside look at some of the more interesting highlights. The track is getting rough again, July will not be nice to it that is for sure.

PS: Its too soon to say for sure, but, after Mid-Ohio it will be a priority to get over to Pocono to do a surface test. I’m sure finding a workable configuration is possible.