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Steve and Jim
Thank you, so much for your reply and your input, I’ve been trying to thank you both for a long time, but the forum is going through some major repairs and was not able to log in for a long time.

Yes, I went real wide at rear axle, moved my seat all the way forward and my distance from back of seat from axle is now about 10″ at this point being comfortable I don’t think is what this kart needs, I’m a tall driver, and have always set up my karts to my hight, but for these LO206 I think the only way to go is uncomfortable and undriveable, and hard to handle ( Lose ) I think this might be the only way to go fast.

Yes, at this moment I have removed seat struts, gone real wide at rear axle, I can try to remove all caster, I just don’t know if I need caster to jack up a little bit yet, I think you guys are right about front bar removal, this track gets extremely grippy, and unfortunately our tires are mandatory (YLC’s)
Well I’ve done all these adjustments, now I’m gonna have to go and test is, and see what happens, I will keep you all posted. Thank you. FastFreddy.