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Robert Lawson

I have a few things to load up in the morning, but other than that we are ready to go.

Had to adjust the height of load distrubution hitch for the new truck. The bolts had never been removed since assembling the kit waaaay back in the day of the Ole RV! 1996 I think??!!! Its good now but took an unintended chunk of time out of the day. Gotta load the bed in the AM and then adjust the number of links on the bars to get the trailer as level as possible. This truck is a 4×4, it just doesn’t drop like the old truck did.

So, we’ll be testing (and likely tweeking) the set-up on the truckster too!!!

Making a stop on the way but should be at the track by 3pm.

We are going to have awesome weather, Im really looking forward to getting a great deal of my list scratched off!

SAFE TRIP Y’all!!!!! See you Sunday Morning!