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Robert Lawson

I’m ready!!!!

Bombed the trailer this afternoon, so, no pests dropping in on me while fast asleep!!!!

Forecasted conditions are perfect, you really couldn’t ask for better.

I already put my request in with Sam to hold THIS weekend for next year. April has been very good to us but the ice a few weeks ago and the snow delay in ’16 are enough for me to say good bye to April and Hello to MAY!!! Not having to deal with the antifreeze will be a bonus too.

Again, be aware there will be NO concessions out there and with the short mid day break we are not doing group lunch this time. Bring something to eat/drink!

ALSO… get there early! Prefferably by 8am (or earlier!) I have the kart prep sheet for you to fill out again and we will have a meeting with “Track Marshall Dave” on format/rules/flags & safety etc. ALL BEFORE OPENING THE TRACK.

Note: Race gas IS available at the track.

More tomorrow!