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Kelly Read

Guess that’s why they call me THE MAN!! LOL

I got to THANK my family, friends and the TROOP 494 who help me put this event on as without them, it wouldn’t happen.

MKA wants to give out a BIG THANKS to all who attended. It was nice to see some new racers and families attend. I had the opportunity to talk to some of them and as they said, HAD A BLAST and will be attending more of KART/MARRS events.

What a super weekend of racing. Racing was awesome!!!! I’d say that 75% of the classes had great battles with multiple karts going for the win. Lindsay had a great battle in SPRINT TAG SR 1 on Saturday and ended up 2nd. She wasn’t so lucky on Sunday as the water pump quit on lap one and she pulled in. The great news is in what my son-n-law did in his first time out ever in a go kart!!! Looks like the family has another racer.

Hope to see the same racers and many more for our fall race September 8/9.