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Robert Lawson

Todd, thats cool…thanks Bro!

Yeah I didn’t spend much time reading anything on the site, just looking at the layout of the proposed track. These guys are….. different! They will build ALL the condo’s and man-cave/gearhead stuff before ever purchasing the remainder of the land to build the track!!!????!!! That tells me they hold the track in far less regard than the condos, sports bar, indoor karting and all the other proposed entities.

MIS is close to home but I don’t want to pay $150 just to get 1 long run on this cooling system upgrade. I’d much rather double that and have all day to work it out and continue to make attempts. I do believe its fixed, and if that is the case I have a host of things to get through and 30 or 45 minutes will just not do it.

We’ll see, maybe we will get a few more guys and great weather for Mothers Day!