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Robert Lawson

Checks should be well on their way now.

I had something lined up to show you but its not moving forward very quickly at this time. They have not aquired the property yet and are seeking investors. It peaked my interest because its super close to home for me!

Take a look: http://www.heritagefarmsmotorplex.com/


Spoke with a few of the guys trying to get financing for this place yesterday, I guess the land is over priced because of a tax lien. Too bad, it is only 35-40 minutes from here!!!!

I sent out a note to most of the guys holding over from the April dates to May. Specificaly asking if those already “in” were willing to up the anti if we do not get another 6 or so guys. If you didn’t get a note tell me what you think here.


Back soon….