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Robert Lawson

Refunds going out Monday.

Thanks Again to all whom sent weekend entries, we almost pulled it off!

To the guys that are on hold for May, IF we get that going I’ll refund your entry difference in cash at the track. If not, I’ll send you a full refund via check. We’ll know in 3 weeks!

After much thought I decided to build that project kart into an F-125/T-car with the spare Vortex. Its just too nice to cut up for a Briggs! We may have found another deal but until its done we are STILL looking for a cheap chassis to build that laydown 4 stroke. The idea is an inexpensive intro ride for newbie’s. No driving the carb with your foot, no tuning,  just get in and go.

That stuff will keep us busy, but, there is still the matter of testing this new cooling system set up. Its just a bummer we got pimped by MoNat.

I did find a bit of something new….. until I check it out Monday to be sure you’ll have to stop back to find out!