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Robert Lawson


After checking into things, weekdays would only make sense if large numbers of guys prefered them over weekends…. no break on $$$ for weekdays or Mothers Day.

So, I did make contact with the Car group guys. Good News is they are very interested in doing combined gigs… Bad News is they claim to have a large group in May. They offer 3 or 4 groups or levels of experience, like a Bike format. That just wont work with a single grouping of karts. We would get waxed on time for the same cost. I suggested they combine to 2 groups with our 1 group, we could each lease a day and rotate all weekend. They like that idea, but, with the number of participants that have no experience at a track they are not willing to combine at this time. Being that most of their participants drive their track vehicle TO the track… they also run rain or shine. Again, we would get waxed there too. For the future, a condensed format with them is a viable option though. Something to think about.

Gingerman, short of CES in Sept, is anti-kart! “No more Karts at twilight test & tune” I was told. The rent there by the way is double that of Grattan for a day. I then asked, Why don’t YOU schedule a kart specific test day? Their answer was: “There ARE no karts!!!” In their defense, you can’t hold time for a formula with no participation.

Well, there is always the new project kart out there to dump $$$ into!!!!!

We are waiting on a new box of checks to arrive, as soon as they are here I will burn through them!!! You paypal guys should get your refund today.

I’m not giving up on Y’all that still want to test, but I’m not confident we can gather 18-20 guys on Moms Day.

We’ll see…….