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Robert Lawson

So, yes…. its official.

I just hate it, what took 10 weeks to pull together only took 10 minutes to tear down.

But, with Todd here and a few others that have messaged back this AM we have a good start to putting that May date together.

I will call the Car guy that has the track on 5-12 to see if there is any room for a few guys to split time with them. If he is willing it wouldn’t require 20 guys to do. Also, a weekday has been suggested. I have never had any luck doing that in the past but if we plan for it maybe that is something that could work. Will ask about the $$$ of that this evening.

Guess I’m spoiled, not willing to give up on the chance to test items back-to-back. So, its BACK to the drawing board!!!!!

Thanks for the words guys, but, its Y’all that need to be thanked! Without EVERY ONE of you stepping up, this wouldn’t have had a shot!!!!

Again, thanks to Bob Cole, (who now has 16 GL of race gas!!!). Also Dennis Bernier and Brother Kenny whom where coming out to help all of us get on and off the track, and Bobby K for offering to document it in photos.

Believe it or not….. there is More to Come!!!!!