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Robert Lawson

Jerry, she sounds crisp!!!!

I know where to go when I’m in need of some tires!

What are Brothers for???? :)


Like Y’all we are watching the deteriorating weather forecast for this weekend unfold. I have contacted our fellow participant from PHOENIX whom was planning to fly-in and run a kart belonging to a friend, also our Brothers from Nashville and Minneapolis to let them know I will not subject them to a massive gas bill and miserable trip driving to GR only to sit in the rain.

I called Sam, even though I knew his answer, and found NO available weekends to use as a rain date until October. So, I will keep praying and watch the weather for a positive change until Wednesday, at which time I will call Sam and let him know our plans.

IF we cancel on Wednesday I will refund, in FULL, your entry via personal check or PayPal if you prefer.

Let Us Pray……

PS: there is 1 weekend day available at Grattan before MIS. Its Sunday May 13th…. yes, Mothers Day! If we do cancel on Wednesday I will be looking to do something on this date myself. 1/2 day, a couple hours, whatever I can weasel out of them, if anything at all! I need the test time! If this is something you may be up for let me know.