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Robert Lawson

Im obviously not a Tech guy but what a mess going on with the site here. Been trying to post for 2 days and just getting the text to work now.

The Dr. took me off the meds so I can drive the kart all weekend. Kart is ready to fire up, filled it with 50/50 because the weather is still too cold for just H2O. I will drain and replace at the track Saturday AM then probably put it back in for the overnight. The low temps will be close to freezing and I want no issues with the new engine! Must run it here this week though just to be sure of no-leaky!!!

NO ANTIFREEZE on the track guys so be prepared to drain or swap out from AM to PM. The system may be OK in these temps if indoors but I’m not taking a chance. I’m also bringing my big bottle of Propane for the garage heater incase we need to work on things late.

Put in the Grocery order with Curt at the track, we may have him do a bit of Pork with all that Brisket too. I ate that stuff for a week last year, it was worth every penny!!!!

I’ll have Bottled Water & Coffee but Y’all should bring drinks and lunch or snacks for the afternoon Saturday & Sunday. Dinner will be available for all @ 5pm Saturday evening. If you want to bring a little something to share that is welcome too.

Brewster was good enough to let me hang on to his Beacon so we are all set there. If you have your own and want to do sector times or something please get with me early and we can set that up. We will locate the timing area in a different place this time so you can get times on ALL of your laps, even your “in lap”. Probably in T10 or exiting the Bowl. Drivers Right.

Our SUPER COOL track pick-up guy, Bob Cole, will bring a few extra gallons of Sunoco Turbo Blue 110 leaded race gas for sale if anyone needs an extra gallon or 2. As far as I can find out, there is no local gas station that offers race gas for sale near the Track so bring CASH. Thanks Bob! Yer the best!!!!!

More coming, as long as the gremlins allow!!! :)