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Greg Wright

I hate it when folks try to compare the costs to go road racing to racing at their local sprint track. When you compare the costs to a traveling sprint racer (WKA, USPKS, Route 66, SKUSA etc.) the cost comparison changes big time and considering the fact that there’s much less damage occuring during a road race weekend there’s a good argument that overall road racing is less expensive.

OK, while we’re making comparisons let take a quick look at what it costs to run at your local sprint track. Entry fees range from $35-$45 to as much as $60-$80. Add in two pit passes for the driver and a helper at $10-$15 each. Often you are required to run fuel supplied by the track at $10+ a gallon. Very quickly it gets to over $100. Let’s not forget that on your race day at your local sprint track you will do good to get more than 30-40 minutes of track time. On a road race weekend you get hours of track time available each day. I often see 3-4 hours of time on the track in a typical road race weekend and as a rule I typically skip a few practice session.

When it comes to track time road racing has no equal.

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