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Jeremy Baldi

Agreed.  Karters always complain about entry fees.  Yeah it would be great if they were cheaper.  And yeah a club sprint race might only cost $35.  But you are getting to race on some of the best tracks in the country.  We used to race on every major road racing circuit until people stopped coming.

If I want to to go to the Indycar race at Mid Ohio for all 3 days it will cost $65 for general admission and if I want to go in pit and paddock it’s another $85.  That’s $150 to go watch a race and walk around the pits.  If you pre-enter it’s usually like $90 for practice and $110 for each race.  So for just a little over double the price you could get all day practice and race twice on a world famous track.  That seems like a crazy good deal.  Sure you have to have your own kart and stuff and the travel but no other group is letting you get on a professional circuit for those costs.  Talking to a Porsche cup guy once their entry was over a grand for a weekend at Mid Ohio.  Not sure if ever race group is that much but road race karting really doesn’t seem that expensive when you consider what track you are on.

Jeremy Baldi