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Ian Krueger

Yeah I feel like people love making excuses it’s kinda sad honestly, almost everyone I’m surrounded with is pretty much like that (not racers but people in general) and yeah the people who want to race will show up and support whatever sanctioning body.

I’m a 22 year old one man crew and drove 1400 miles each way from new Hampshire to race Daytona because it’s FUN. Despite peoples gossip about WKA I didn’t care. I went there to race not worry about political crap. The WKA staff was so great and friendly.

And I ended up running a 2:31 in my Sprint Enduro which was pretty fast and on the pace, I was actually up to third at one point on the first couple laps, ended up finishing 10 seconds behind roughly from the leader but let me tell you that was 100% worth it.

I pay rent, student loans, all that crap. But I saved up for a year and went down in my Astro van and 6×12 trailer on a shoe string.

My point being while some people might be deterred from road racing or karting in general cuz they see all these fancy motor homes, the gotta realise a lot of us just have regular set ups and not zillions of dollars.

I don’t even understand how Daytona was that cheap honestly the fact that the track with all those employees and everything and it was still like $150 a day, that’s unbeatable.

Yeah it’s a hard sport to get into, I mean my dad and uncle were SCCA road racers so I was kinda destined to do it but I mean you just gotta get off your Duff , build a kart and have fun it’s not that hard

WKA sprint