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Robert Lawson

This will be a pivotal  week. Although I still hold out hope we can get the full weekend booked, its looking like that chance is now slim.

It may be a loosing proposition but I’m willing to call Sam and try to negotiate a better deal if we get close.

Every check that I have received to this point was for a full weekend, that alone is pretty amazing. Knowing that not everyone has 2 days to burn I expected a good number of single day entrants. Actually, more than the total of 2 days guys for sure. Without the single day support we just cant pay for 2 days, and, the single day guys on my list have been jumping off at an alarming rate this past weekend.

If I were in it for the dough I wouldn’t be getting much sleep here. As the weekend progressed I kept telling myself “a weekend is worth $500, I can do that” Then this “$700 is still not bad….” Finally to this “Sam will take the $$$ if I can just get us close….”

So, if you have been looking and had not made up your mind….. your time is running out.

We will make enough to do 1 day, thats a positive ending to this post!

More soon!!