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Greg Wright

Bob K.,  Your statement of “Is roadracing so far in the back of the closet that no one even knows it exists?” is unfortunately right on the money. As I had said earlier in this thread WKA for the most part treats it as an afterthought, IKF has been known to take an “anti-roadracing” stance, AKRA is doing a nice job of picking up the pieces but little else, both CES and KART are doing what they can with the resources that they have available.

I’m thinking that much of this is our own fault in that we as a community aren’t doing doing our cause any good by remaining silent. There are a lot of us although as Brian said they need to get their butts to the track.  Just looking at this forum the roadracing section has more action than any other category other than “General Discussion” and by a wide margin. Shifters, TAGs etc. don’t come close.

Another example would be on Facebook where roadracer John Crider established a page called “Enduro Go Kart Racing” and in a short period of time it had over 2000 members.

From the 60s until well into the 90s many felt that roadracing was one of the “elite” divisions of kart racing and was often viewed as a destination. Nobody is blowing our horn for us, we need to put our heads together and take care of it ourselves.

I’m also flummoxed by this very website giving minimal coverage to roadracing (example Daytona). Rob has done a fair amount of roadracing and David’s family are all hardcore roadracers. I talked to David in Daytona but there’s not been a word on this site other than this forum section.


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