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Bob Kurkowski

It is good to hear stories like Todd and Lee’s but they are to far and few.

I run one of the most popular engines in karting, the LO 206 and I have made race announcements on national and local web sites and have drawn zero interest from any current or future racers. For the most part my hope was to speak out to a audience that is less then a hour and half from two of the nicest tracks in the country yet there were no takers, not even someone showing up just for a look around or to ask questions.  I have explained how simple the crossover to roadracing is especially with the 206 and I have offered to be of any assistance before and during a event yet still no takers.

Perhaps my message is not getting heard but in reality it shouldn’t be my message it should be the karting industry and the sanctioning bodies message, that’s what all of those memberships and licensing fees we pay go towards right  ?

Is roadracing so far in the back of the closet that no one even knows it exists ?  I guess we can say “roadracing is the best kept secret out there”.

See you at the track….Bob K.