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Kelly Read


This has to be one of the best forums I have been involved with in sometime!! GREAT comments by all and everyone is keeping calm which shows a CHANGE!!

Both Brian & Taylor hit it on the head by telling US RACERS who want to ROAD RACE to get to the ROAD RACE track!! I have posted the same thing many times on various forums.

Unfortunately several racers across the country aren’t as lucky as my family is as out of the 7 races we have under KART for 2018, 6 are within 2 1/2 hours from my house, THAT’s HEAVEN!!! I will say (AGAIN) SUPPORT WHAT YOU CAN!!! If I have said it once, I have said it hundreds of times, SCREW who the name is at the top of the entry form as far as the sanctioning body that you might not like, go support the CLUB who is putting a lot on the line for you to race. If WE don’t, some day we will all have wall mounts!!! 2017 was not our best year to support with 2 kids getting married along with personal things happening in our lives but we supported all but 2 events at least for one day. Before then and upcoming years, LOOK OUT!!!

As for expenses, I AGREE that for me and others to attend road races vs sprint races especially those who have sprint tracks locally, road racing is more expensive BUT, you take the amount of track time you get on a road race track to a sprint track, tires and other misc items, is it really that more expensive?? In the day, we went sprint racing like we do for road racing. Would leave on Friday night, Saturday was a practice day & Sunday was a race day with little practice in the morning. With this said, I still had the same expenses with 2 nights motel, etc. as I do in road racing. Probably one of the biggest difference is the entry fees. Must keep in mind that ROAD RACE tracks are VERY expensive to rent and that usually doesn’t include workers, EMT, etc. and dates are not always the best to choose from.

In my mind, one of the biggest things I enjoy in road racing is the NO RUSH!! It’s more laid back then sprint racing (this comes from current racers to date even). How sweet it is to have time to just VISIT with friends you hardly see!!!