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Roger Ruthhart

For the record, Rock Island is not governed by TAG USA, but we are happy to use their rules which are made available to anyone who needs them.

One thing to remember with regards to TAG and TAG USA is that 1) it was created at a time when there were a lot of TAG engines but not a lot of any one brand in this country. So if your track had 3 Biland’s 2 Rotax and an Easykart (dusting off history there, right?), you could run them all together. Founder Tom Argy Jr.  knew eventually some would get enough traction to have their own class, but not at every track. 2) Second thing to remember was it was never intended as a national class … various series and sanctioning bodies made that happen, then people started tinkering with engines, etc. etc. Tom’s vision was that other than a couple of large fun-filled weekends (Rock Island was one, TAG Nationals another) where people could step up a rung on the ladder to compete outside their own club, it was just supposed to be a local race class. I’m sure there are still local tracks using TAG USA’s rules because when you throw in the Local Option set they cover almost anything. Dave Larson has done a good job of keeping the program alive. But short answer, Tom never expected TAG to last forever.