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Jeremy Baldi

Greg is completely correct in that the Schumacher accident was the beginning in the helmet camera bans in both karting and other sports.  However after more testing and further investigation I believe it was determined that Michael hit his helmet on two different rocks in the exact same spot on the helmet causing the helmet to fail.  Much like a bullet proof vest helmets are designed to take one hard hit.  A second hit especially one in the same point on the protective gear is very dangerous.  That is why after a helmet has been in a crash it needs to be replaced.

They have done more studies on helmet cams and found them much safer than they had thought.  Helmets are tested by dropping large sharp objects on them and they must pass.  So a plastic camera and mount will most likely not do any damage to the very strong shell.  They did find that while a camera will most likely not damage the shell it could cause the helmet to not glance of an object that it might have without a camera mounted.  Many people think concussions are caused by the brain bouncing of the skull.  They have more recently found that concussions are actually caused from the brain rotating in the skull from a sudden stop in movement.  So helmets that are perfectly round can sometimes allow the head to glance along walls or the ground without a sudden stop.  A helmet camera could get in the way of that but that is a case by case thing.  Because they also found in certain crashes a camera could actually act to further decelerate an impact.

Professional athletes still wear helmet cams all the time.  They are used in videos and television all over they world. Heck Graham Rahal wears one during indy car events with live tv footage. This is another case of a rule that may have had a good intent to keep people safe but once something is a rule it is almost impossible to get it removed.  Even if data could prove the rule is not needed.

An another note the first time discounted entry fee is an awesome idea.  I haven’t seen that before but that is great way to let anyone with a kart that’s safe try road racing.  That should be the header of every club/organization’s web page.  This is really a great idea and I hope it catches on.

Jeremy Baldi