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Taylor Everhart

I’m with Wilhelm on this one. If everyone who chimed in online would show up and race we’d have a record turnout for road racing. I guess it’s easier to complain for whatever reason and stare at your equipment as it gathers dust in the garage. Do I have solutions to the issues we face when the entries are¬†dwindling? Yeah, just one. Get off your ass and get to the track. Look past the politics. Run whatever class you can, might not necessarily be what you want but it beats not racing. I for one will be bending the gas pedal off at least 3 karts this year in at least 3 different classes. I have an arrive and drive LO206 that I will bring to all KART MARRS events. I carry parts to sell or lend to fellow racers. I am doing everything in my power to get more people to the track. I suggest everyone here do the same. Get out and RACE!