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Brian Wilhelm

We need to look at what is making drivers not want to race. One reason is silly, emotion-based rules. Spec fuel and no “helmet mounted” cameras come immediately to mind. To date, no one has ever shown me any data that drove the decision to ban cameras mounted to helmets, and I have asked. The answer has been “it’s the insurance” (but no reason WHY), or the worse answer I got was ” it’s just a decision we made”. Huh??

Spec fuel is even worse. It has not changed the finishing order one bit. Oh, except for all the drivers it ran off. Nice move, really looking ahead here. The selected fuel supplier pays the org to provide fuel? Ok, but they don’t even offer a suitable fuel for a two-stroke, according to their OWN engineer.

Another one that keeps drivers home is rough tracks. Ok, ok, yes, I know those tracks are cheap. Carefully note that unless there is special incentive, turnout is smallest at those tracks. I won’t support any race at a rough track, period.

The past three seasons I’ve ran, I’ve been encouraged. Decent turnouts, some new faces, and folks seem happier. Some of the unhappiest folks seem the ones that are spending all their time ranting on the internet about how road racing is in trouble, instead of actually going racing. I had one wag tell me he was getting out of a certain class because it was dying. I told him that at the races I had been to, the class he was getting out of was one of the biggest. I asked him where he heard this. He told me that (name withheld) said that on the internet. Funny thing was, neither of those two clowns had been to a race in 3-4 years.

Get off your freaking computer and go race! The problem is US, ALL DRIVERS. We just aren’t showing up.