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Greg Wright

Robert, we can agree or disagree, either way it’s all good. However if we want to grow RR  I’m of the same opinion as a poster on Facebook by James McMahan that in order for RR to grow it needs more EXPOSURE.

The national orgs aren’t doing it, IKF seems almost anti RR, WKA sort of treats it as an afterthought, AKRA is doing a good job of picking up the pieces but little else, CES is doing all it can within it’s means.

I have serious doubts about any large amount of success (not zero but) by trying to recruit dedicated sprint racers. As i have said before most generally the response is one of three, either “It’s too dangerous” or “Damn that must be boring as hell.” or “What? Never heard of it.”

There is a fairly large group of sprint racers in my area. To nobody’s surprise you will see a laydown enduro or two on display at my shop. 8 out of 10 times the reaction will be “What the hell is that?” often coming from a sprint racer that has been in kart racing for 15-20 years!!

There was a time when RR was considered one of the pinnacles of kart racing and maybe with more exposure we can gain some of that back. It sure can’t hurt.

Often I think that we are preaching to the choir and maybe some effort needs to be put into trying to reach the SCCA, Auto-cross, NASA, track day people. We do give a driver a lot of bang for the buck.


We all need to work together.

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