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Robert Lawson

I think I can work that out….

“What are you trying to say there? I’m really not sure but surely you’re not somehow expecting local participation to fill out the fields.”

I would expect NEW local interest to ADD to the larger combined fields because its more attractive than what is offered now. That IS the philosophy behind the idea altogether. I think that was what Jerry was getting at too….

In my 4o years RR karts and a lifetime of being around it I have yet to see new karters join the sport/hobby jumping right in to the National level events. They start local, its where they go to check it out, ask questions, get ideas of cost and a feel for what they could potentially be getting into.

Lets face it, the format is confusing for new folks too.

Grattan allows folks off the street to enter the grounds and view the track out at the entrance. Its tradition for us to stop at the exit and watch the start and a few laps of the next race before heading out. Many times there are folks that were passing by that pulled in and are checking it out. They ask questions, how fast… engine size….lap time…. HOW MUCH $ !!!!! Almost always with a confused look on their face they watch for 5 minutes then leave.

I’m suggesting something, anything, to get Dad & the Boy, Families, young Adults, ex Bike or Car racers, etc. to look at an inviting, easy to enter Hobby that offers a competitive atmosphere….. and ANY kart package could have potential. I think that just defined local racing….. don’t you????

PS: Putnam has always been a tough draw. Darn shame they refuse to let you stay there.