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Jim White

Out west one of the last the things the IKF roadrace committee did was to consolidate some of the lightly participated classes. Even so there are still too many in my opinion.

Our biggest class is the IKF “stock moto” It allows Honda with 99 cyls only and Hegar fairings are allowed. We then have the SKUSA engine stock moto class which allows the 01 cyls but is CIK fairing only. The SKUSA runs at 385 and the 99 cyl class at 400. The SKUSA class is almost always faster than the 99 class. Lowering the weight of the bigger 99 class to 385 won’t help because most couldn’t get there! We have been told (by more than one knowledgeable person) that adding weight to the SKUSA engine class just makes them slow, hard on parts and tuning. I find that hard to believe but I would not know and will defer to the experts. Throw in the ICC engines somewhere and it gets even harder.

If we were able to find parity amongst these 2 classes it would create 1 very large class for all to race in.