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Dan Ashapa

Good advice.

Jason at Swedetech apparently knows of a shop around here with a jig who can do work on it (if it is the frame). I’m in Sacramento area.

I can’t see anything with my eye, but I can try a couple of those ideas mentioned to see if the geometry is skewed once on the ground. I have it set to 2mm each side for toe-in and 2mm negative camber when on stand. The caster is same level when I do a steering sweep to a center point.

Wheels and tires looked fine after the crash. Front bumper bars were slightly bent, front bumper had a dent in the plastic, and both tie rods looked like wavy noodles. I purposefully buy round aluminum ones so they take the hit since they are cheap to replace. Rear axle was bent right by the rear wheel where it touched/went off.  All that stuff was replaced with new components and installed correctly.