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Daniel Agee

It would be interesting to hear from you guys that are in other parts of the country, but where I live in Northern California, I have 5 sprint tracks within an hour of where I live that all race at least 5 or 6 times a year. That’s 30+ races to choose from in any given year. Within 2.5 hours from where I live, there are 4 other sprint tracks. I have a lot of options for sprint racing! Whereas with the road racing, NCK (and please know I am not bashing NCK. I have never run with them and road racing seems like a lot of fun. I’m just giving my sprint perspective of why there may not be a lot of crossover) has a 5 race schedule. 4 of the 5 races are at the 2 road courses that are an hour from where I live with the 5th race being 2.5 hours away, and 2 of those races are on Mondays (to reduce track rental costs I’d imagine) and 1 is the weekend after Thanksgiving. Though I really want to give road racing a try at some point in my career, that schedule, along with the cost associated, isn’t very enticing when I can drive 15 minutes to my local track, practice for free any time I want, and race 6 times a year just at my local track for less money than road racing.

Also, one problem I think karting has in general in regards to decreasing numbers is that an ever-increasing proportion of karters see it as a stepping stone to car racing rather than karting for the fun of karting. So, for the parents that pay lots of money for their kids to race competitively, they are going to race as much as possible with the best competition possible. Not sure how road racing could tap into that, as road racing is primarily set up for Senior classes with just a few Jr. 2 classes.