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Robert Lawson

OK, Ladies & Gentelmen, welcome Legend #2!


Your prime discriptive word here is IF.

Again, I’m speaking about local RR not big Org stuff. Losing 2 “stick & can” entries is a risk, but we haven’t done anything different historicaly in RR and its still fading. I think your estimate of 20 +/- is inflated, if there were that many in those classes they would have more participation (localy) than they do.

You were peeking when I asked everyone to “Imagine” weren’t you!!! :)

My belief is a bigger class of combined karts with rules that promote parity would be embraced by the folks participating now, and be attractive to the on looker or new RR enthusiast. I believe the experience of “racing” is what they are after not winning, by whatever means that may be…. there are many.

I could be wrong, I’ll agree with that. But we have done NOTHING different to try to gain back some of what our Hobby has lost. And that is a damn shame.

Just promoting Karting events is a risk, trust me, I know. But we can’t be unwilling to apply change because IF may happen. No risk, no reward.

If we do not face the chance of failure boldly, we have already failed.

Lets keep talking folks, maybe something will click……