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Greg Wright

Robert, Robert, Robert, I’m not about to argue and I wish I had the answer but I don’t.

The only point I have made is the one that really counts. If combining or merging classes cause the promoting club to lose overall entries it will be a poorly thought out decision. Even in your own example there would have been the loss of two entries overall from just one racer (running two classes instead of four). Now spread that out a bit and first thing you know there will be (guessing here) 20+ or more less entries overall.

The only way to make up the revenue needed to rent these facilities would be to substantially raise entry fees. The current system is flawed no doubt but it can be too easy for the surgery to be successful but the patient died.

You’ll not find a more stalwart proponent of RR than me, it’s dear to my heart and I’ve devoted many years to it.

As for the other gentleman that you mentioned, he and I have a long history going back over 40 years. That we would disagree on something isn’t exactly a surprise.


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