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Dan Ashapa

Not the kingpin bolts. It was doing this before I even messed with installing new kingpin bolts. 100% sure I put them in correctly. I just did that in the case they were bent, but they were perfectly straight when I took them out and I put brand new ones in just for peace of mind to rule that out.

Only things I haven’t thoroughly checked are the frame (as I would have to outsource that because I have no idea who has a jig or frame table around here or what I’m looking for other than obvious geometry being off to my eye), and the spindles I didn’t really check as I’m not really sure what I’m looking for there.

What do you mean by spindle hanger? The bracket on the frame that the kingpin goes through to hold all the spindle stuff together? The flat part almost parallel to the ground that the tie rod ends connect to on the spindle itself? The part on spindle the brake caliper connects to? Something else? And what am I specifically looking for? Am I just looking for the stub axle part of the spindle to be bent or other parts of it as well? What degree of out of whack am I looking for?

I can check for cracks but I don’t think there are any.  These CRG Road Rebel chassis are super robust and the incident I had wasn’t too bad. I’ll double check though.