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Dan Ashapa

Kingpin bolts were simply taken out without removing any of the spacers, lockers, washers, etc from the spindle setup. Therefore there is no way those are installed incorrectly. The old kingpin bolts I took out weren’t even bent. The problem was there after I rebuilt the kart with new axle, tie rods, and front end stuff. I just did it recently to check it off the box to make sure it wasn’t bent kingpin bolts causing this weird problem.

Tie rods and tie rod ends were exact same size replacements as I had before the issue. They were set into the exact same holes as before on steering shaft and spindles. Even if they weren’t, it would effect Ackerman, but wouldn’t be causing a problem like this to this degree.

Steering shaft was installed exactly the same as prior. I don’t think anyone could mess that up if they tried, unless they had some sort of mental problems I would think. The problem existed with old shaft anyways. I just recently replaced it thinking maybe it was the problem. No change to problem.

Pictures of kart or setup won’t show anything you haven’t seen already as it looks just like a brand new CRG Road Rebel and associated setup. No different than prior pics I have of my setup, etc. Nothing weird or off or out of the ordinary. Looks the same as before, only difference being the steering is extremely hard to move left or right now, but only when I place it on the ground. It’s buttery smooth lock to lock when on the stand.

I used Sniper to align steering, toe, camber, and caster to factory CRG defaults. I can try again, but even if it was off a little, it shouldn’t have this kind of drastic effect just turning the wheel left to right on the ground.

Frame looks just fine at a glance, nothing seems off symmetry or bent, but I haven’t had it officially checked out or put on a jig, so it is a possibility I guess, but I would think a faint one. I have a feeling it’s something else. Something simple I’m just not getting.

I appreciate the reply.

Still stumped about it…