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TJ Koyen

We literally ran a stock engine all season at USPKS, took 4th in points, and battled for the podium every weekend. No blueprinting.

Didn’t rebuilt it all season. I’ve heard of guys just pounding laps on practice days with them and they have dozens of hours on the them without any noticeable drop in performance or need to change pistons. We did a couple carb rebuilds after some rain racing etc.

The engine parity is great, the racing is really close, and it’s a super fun and reliable package that offers a nice step between the drone of a Yamaha and the chaos of a TaG engine.

No clutch to maintain, the starter/battery worked flawlessly all season, no radiators or water hoses to mess with… A super clean and tidy package that offers great racing and great reliability. It’s a win for me.

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