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Clark Gaynor Sr.

At the Woodbridge Kart Club we attempt to direct folks to our most popular classes.  Currently that’s IAME Sprint, Stock Honda, Yamaha Sportsman, and Animal Sprint.  If a class doesn’t meet a certain number of entries, it gets no awards.  We still track points, but you get nothing for it.  No one seems to mind that at all, even those who show up at every event knowing they will get nothing for it…other the fun.  That also applies to year end awards.

Eliminating classes is a tough one!  If you cut someones class, that may prove to be the last straw and they simply quit.  As all of you promoters know, tracks aren’t getting any less expensive!  I’m sure Laguna is pricey, as is VIR.  A club puts up $30, 40 or 50K before they even give you the keys to the front gate!  Then you cross your fingers and hope for the best!  So turning ANY folks away is risky.  I’ve always said, if three guys show up with lawn mowers, we’ll make a class for them.  3 entries at $100 ea, two days=$600!!  Plus pit passes.  No club can afford to turn that down!  Of course they won’t get trophies and they’ll be stuck in the back of a slower race group..only kidding of course, but you get the idea.

Two many classes is a problem…kind of.  I’m not sure what the current WKA class count is (too lazy to check right now), but it’s not as bad as it seems.  Keep in mind IAME Sprint, Stock Honda, Unlimited, Animal Sprint, etc, etc all have a final #1 an #2.  Each has a race both Saturday and Sunday..#1 and #2.  They are not separate classes, just a race each days for each class.  So it’s not really 48 classes, it’s more like 24…still too many though.  The WKA NRRC has attempted to cut ALL classes down to one weight per class.  The only exception is Yamaha Sports Medium and Heavy.  All the rest have been combined into a single weight per class.

Road racing is expensive compared to “club” level sprint racing.  As we all know, tracks are expensive, the logistics for a club holding an event is MUCH higher, all events tend to be two or three days, and there aren’t many locals who live 10 miles from the track.  So you add in motel, food, travel, fuel, dog in the kennel, etc, etc, costs and it sure adds up.

This is a very good discussion, and maybe if we all put our heads together we can keep road racing alive.  Have a good one folks,

Clark Gaynor Sr.