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Robert Lawson

Wow, no lynchings yet! Nice.

All made good points, a couple were on the same page but approach from different angles…. Kelly from a Promotional view and Jeremy from a Participant view.

Kelly from a KART perspective first, and how it differs from a WKA perspective. Interesting.

Jeremy from the Reward vs Return angle of wins & trophies vs fun & fulfillment. MORE interesting…. and, where the meat & taters are!

As I mentioned above, a mass combining should be done (IMHO) at the local & regional level to be tuned and tweeked to best relieve the disparity between packages. Leave the “national” stuff to the Reward group and make local road racing more for the enthusiasts, and, attractive to new growth.

Now, I know what some are thinking, “You just split up karting”… BUT, wouldn’t the National events eventually be able to weed out the low interest classes this way AND become more efficient? Maybe, just maybe you would then have TRUE National Champions instead of participant champions.

Daniel’s reasoning, ($$$) is not all wrong, even based on a speciality event like Laguna. Not knocking NKC or SKC or IKF for that matter, racing out West IS more expensive that back here in the East. I said cost was a factor to potential new participants that consider RR. Its absolutely true.

Motivations are also different now. Not everything is as it seems on the Organizational surface. I’ll say this though, when road race karting does become very difficult to participate in it won’t be because the bank of customers is dry. It will be considered to be not worth someones trouble to do it anymore ($$$)…. regardless of their “Love of the Sport”.