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Debbie Kuntze

One little item that gets overlooked in these discussions about those that want to win and those that want to have fun-is road racing is basically an endurance race. Endurance for the driver and especially for the equipment (tires, motor, chassis). Down here in So Cal we used to race with the Historic cars at Big Willow-we all-no matter skill, motor or chassis practiced and raced at one time. We would have newbies as well as seasoned and 250’s with sit up cans. some of us were there to race and some to have fun and some to try it for first time. I usually ran my lay-down sportsman during this time and I went to do my best and to win. Never did win (John usually beat me in his reed and he was definitely there to win) but I did beat some pretty fast karts because I endured.

Many worry about the safety factor of having different types of karts on track at same time, but we never had any instances. we staggered the types of karts for the starts (all were rolling) and through enduring we sorted out. Good corner workers and starter helped as well.

Way back in the late 90’s while on the RR committee I with the help of some very seasoned road racers came up with a plan to knock down from 22 national classes to 10! Working with weights and set ups. We compromised at 15. It is doable to have all out there so that you can get the numbers of bodies/karts to afford an event and for all to be competitive.