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Jim White

Hi Daniel, please do not compare NCK’s Laguna fees to our general entry fees. Laguna is different. It cost over $50k just to hold the event. On top of that we are saddled with a limit to how many karts we can put on track at once. Add it all up and that’s why it costs what it does.

We do offer a first time racer fee this year of $150 at our Thunderhill races. That will include your membership for the year and allow you to race 2 or 3 times over the course of the day. We also have over 90 minutes of morning practice you can participate in.

While our Yamaha group is unfortunately small I can tell you I ran sit up Yamahas for 20 years. It is way more challenging than you would think. It is not flat out at all times if you are fast and have a good setup. Both of which take time and effort to work up to.  While there are few Yamhas, you are on track with various other classes at once. There may very well be a kart you are able to run with and experience the draft. Something you won’t get sprint racing.

When you are ready to come give it a try get ahold of me jim@nckroadracing.com

I’ll help you out in any way needed to get you out there. You won’t regret it.