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Kelly Read


Pretty good post you have here!!!!

I haven’t gotten on FB to see what your talking about but I can picture it clearly.

I will say that from myself who has been HEAVILY involved with road racing not only in my local area but across the nation, I have been involved with many conversations just like you have posted. There are pros & cons depending on who is talking. Someone who doesn’t promote doesn’t understand the whole story. As just a racer who shows up to race, it’s not that big of a deal as long as we get our track time.

I’m currently working with Robby on classes for our KART/WKA combined event August 10-12 at HPT in Topeka Ks. KART has a total of 26 classes (12-sat, 14-sun) and no local option classes where WKA has a total of 58 classes (31-sat, 27-sun) and this includes 11 total local option classes. KART has 5 races per day (3-30, 2-45) with 2 hrs of practice each day. With the schedule I have for the combined event, we have 8 on sat & 7 on sun. Sat has 5-30, 2-45 and Sun has 5-30 & 2-45 races. This could change after this weekends WKA race at Savanna when Robby does some talking to the racers. I have combined as many classes I can and tried to limit the amount of races but it is tuff with the amount of classes!!!

Those of us who promote understand entries brings dollars and at times, additional pit pass sales which is our sole income to pay all the bills to put an event on. There is a huge difference today then years past as remember the day an event had only 700 entries which was a bad turn out and 1500+ was an excellent turn out?? Look at the numbers today!!

I could make your post look small (LOL) but I’m stopping here.

Here is my same statement I have said many times: Racers need to show and support no matter what the BS is or we will someday not have a place to race!!