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Robert Lawson

Thanks Todd!
We are off to a good start!

I have that “pre track” checklist available to email. You will have to print it out and initial or circle each item in question. DO NOT sign or date it until you turn it in and receive your kart sticker at the track.

Just shoot me a note and I’ll send the file.

I have been watching video from October. I didn’t post to YT my only run last fall, it was not very impressive. But, it does show a troubling bump (actually the last of 3!) just as you get back in the gas off T3. I called Max, him and Curt will look at it before we get out there. I know you sit-uppity guys dont have much trouble with vision over the bumps but us laydown guys have a hard time seeing where we’re going with our head attached to the kart!

We also are getting some interest from the Sprint Track, which is good. I’m hoping we get some kids out there and start bringing in the drasticly needed Families to Road Racing. In my day these Families (Dad raced, kids raced, sometimes Mom too!) were plentiful, today they are extremely rare.

Soccer & Hockey parents have all but ruined Sprint racings Kid & Cadet classes with their arguring and online accusations. We NEED to find Dads that will bring Jr. and teach him not just about mechanics or engineering but about fair play, competitive comradery, and most of all to be a humble winner AND looser. My good buddy Paul Nickl is a fine example of an encouraging Jr. Dad/Racer.

OK, so lets get off our hands and get those karts ready!!!! My mail box has not fallen off the house out there either…. :)