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Robert Lawson

* (^ Please see Pricing/Breakdown above ^) *

A couple more details:


NO, race fuel will not be available at the Track!

YES, Friday and Saturday night camping will be FREE!

IF we do a full weekend the lunch breaks will only be 30 minutes, Dinner will be served in the MX garage for all drivers and crew right AFTER the closing of on – track activities Saturday. ALL participants are welcome. (yes, you can dine & dash!)

I am back in the garage today, spent a few hours reassembling the joint after working on snowblowers and other junk. Got my new Rad mount/retainer all fab’d up and ready to install. Will need yet another air box, the changes need to the last temp box is more work than making a new one! Carbon this time… I’m confident this entire set up is going to work!

We will start taking entries Monday 2-19-18. I’m going to try to get a pdf ready to email out with the “pre-track checklist” so y’all can fill it out before arriving & save time.

More soon!

PS: Larry Rumsey and I both celebrate our birthdays today!!!!! (LAR is older than me!!!) Happy Birthday Larry!!!!

Check or MO here:

Robert Lawson
17731 Ivanhoe St.
Roseville, MI. 48066

OR Paypal to f-125@hotmail.com (choose no fee/Friends & Fam)

Please include kart info/class for reference.