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Robert Lawson


I nailed down what needed to be worked out, here is some info for you!

As of now, just like last April, I will plan on a full weekend program. If we don’t have enough participation for that to take place the call will be made 2 weeks prior to the 14-15 weekend. I will refund the difference to all whom paid for a 2-fer if we only get the 1 day.

2 Day entry, per driver: $300
1 Day entry, per driver: $200

I will accept Sunday only 1 Day entries. If we go to a single day program there is no telling which of the 2 days will be chosen by Mother Nature! We will just have to see how it turns out.

The costs have gone up a bit but the math still proves this to be the best $ per hour you will find ANYWHERE.

I’ll break it down for Y’all:

2 Day entry = $21. 43 per hour @ 14 total hours (8 hr days,  – lunch breaks)
1 Day entry = $28.58 per hour @ 7 hours (8 hr day,  – lunch break)

Again, the Indoor rentals charge $20 @ 8-10 minutes ($120-$150 per hr!)
Actually, they are not far off what you pay to chase a piece of wood, or beer mug at your local Road Race events per hour either. ($150 @ 3 x 8 min practice runs and a 30 minute trophy dash)

Hey, we can’t complain about the bathrooms anymore so you have no reason NOT to get involved! As always, lunch OR Dinner is on me.

I will answer all your questions here or email here: f-125@hotmail.com

April will be here before you know it! ( 8.5 weeks???)

More to come!