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I agree with TJ Koyen

The X30 is very strong and reliable, and you can still get great deals out there, many other older TAG packages may look attractive and cheap, but will cost you more in the long run.

Honestly the new KA100 will blow your mind versus the KT100, will last longer, will feel more powerful and more fun. You can still get some smoken deals out there, and does not need to be blue printed, just bolt on and go, and it will be fast out of the box, will probably compete with and older stock TAG 125 motor, or be pretty close to it.

I would buy either an X30 or KA100 period.

Or if you’re on a budget and just wanna have fun, you can just buy an LO206 and it would be pretty close to a KT100 with an can. Except no rebuild costs at all.