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Robert Lawson

Its now after 5pm and I have not gotten an answer back from my Insurance
provider so details are gonna have to wait a few more days.

I am planning on getting out to the garage, doin’ a bit of work and shooting a quick video. I got to feeling good last week, then, like most of us do, I did too much…….. and hurt my back! 3-4 days of heat and rest was all I could do. Sittin’, standin’ or anything else just lit me up. SO, slowly going back to playing games out there with the kart.

You HAVE to see how smooth that Phase 2 portion of Grattans repave was. The 2nd Phase was from exit of T3 all the way back to the front straight. SUPER slick, had to short shift or you’d just lose it!

If you have never driven a perfectly smooth Grattan, you have to go for a ride with me!!! Trust me, it will not look or feel anything like this in April!

Part 1:

Part 2: