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Anthony, you and your Dad will have lots of fun in this class, We’ve ran all classes, from shifter karts to LO206, and this class by far is the most fun, cheap and less stressful to race with, racing other classes can get very stressful, especially when you have 2 drivers running at the same time. LO206 once you figured out your gearing for that day and set up, then you’re good to go all day, just keep your chain lubed and inspect chain tension every outing.

The answer to your other question is, any kart will do, but you don’t wanna get one that’s too old to compete, or one that parts are all worn out.

We’ve ran so many different brands, and in reality most 2 cycle chassis can be converted to 4 cycle and do just fine, but many manufactures have stepped up their game with 4 cycle specific built chassis, and they are a bit quicker.

Our Tony karts were pretty fast and we had lots of fun with them, I just bought a brand new Mad Croc chassis and I wanna test it out this season, but I was doing just fine with all my other Tony karts. Do you know how many drivers there are running LO206 at your local track? Here in Cali and many other states that class got real good traction for a few years now, and it continues to grow very fast, because it’s so much fun!!!!! And Cheap!!!!

I do have 3 OTK complete karts available if you’re interested, they are very competitive and look nice, I only put half a season or less on those engines from brand new, text me if interested (858) 717-2191 FastFreddy.

Here’s a video from where we run LO206 here in Cali, enjoy.