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Clark Gaynor Sr.

You still need to do some maintenance at home and at the track.  Get a rolling stand.  When you wheel the kart through the pits on hot tires, they will pick up EVERYTHING!!

You do not NEED a gauge, but they do come in very handy.  Especially the Mychron 5.  Very user friendly with GPS.  Get the cheapest one they have, which will be about 500 I think.  Let Margay install it and be done with it.  But really for you first couple races, you don’t need one.  The folks at the track running the same class will help you out.  Ask what fuel the CIK 206’s are running when you get there.  Ask the racers.  Get what they say.

Feel free to ask us questions.  Get some Briggs 4T oil, about 3 or 4 quarts.  Change oil each day.  Oil is cheap.  I get mine from Faster Motors, Jim Franz.  Knows his 206 stuff.  Check Fastermotors web site.