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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Welcome Anthony.

My Son and I currently race the CIK 206 Sprint class which you’re interested in.  Last season I ran a 2007 TopKart Flash, which is actually a shifter chassis.  We ran it in Stock Leopard for a number of years with good success, also with the 4 wheel brakes.  I removed the front brakes and assorted stuff, narrowed the rear to 51.5″ and left the front in neutral width and caster/camber.  It worked great!

However, my Son bought a one race old Margay Ignite directly from Margay.  On the track in the actual races, there was little to tell them apart.  But driving them back to back, we both felt the Ignite to be a little freer, and likely a tic quicker alone on the track but not much. \

I have since sold the TopKart ready to run to the WKC president.  SOOO, I also bought a one race old Margay Ignite with Mychron 5 gauge for 3900 plus shipping.  I have not run it yet, but I assume it will be just like my Sons.

The upside of the Margays is.  New or used, they will set it up the way you want.  For instance, one race old karts already have the engine broken in, valve lash and carb float set.  So you don’t have to mess with that.  They will also put whatever seat, body work, tires and gear you want.

So if you go Margay, look at their website for the used stuff.  Usually about 3500 without gauge.  For road racing– Bridgestone YLC tires, 450 front, 710 rear.  They will have some use on them, but that’s fine.  Hilliard clutch with a 21 tooth driver, and a 60 tooth axles gear.  That will get you in the ballpark almost anywhere.  Get the Odenthal (sp) mount for an extra $70 or so (trust me they are worth the money).  Ask what seat they suggest for your size and get it with room for a rib protector (they’ll have a good idea what size you need).  Tell them where to ship it, a business is best, and give them your cc number.  It will be along in a week or so all ready for Roebling.

If you need further help the folks on this forum can’t be beat.  Ask a lot of questions.  And really, just about any older Tag kart will work fine, but for the Margay it’s ready to go and works well.

FYI, we won’t be going to Roebling, but we will be at Summit Point, Shenandoah on April 21 and 22.  So far the Woodbridge Kart Club have 6 confirmed CIK 206’s, 2 Ignites on the way from Margay for two others, and another just ordered an engine for his wife for an old CRG.  Looking to be a great class.  Easy to drive, easy to maintain, very little work at the track, and they draft like crazy.  You will have a hoot.

That’s it..sorry for the grammar and spelling, I’m being called to help with dinner!!!

Clark Gaynor Sr.

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