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Robert Lawson

Looking forward to it Tony.

I need to get that spare cylinder over to you for welding!!!

I found yet more lost video. This time its Grattan clips, 3 of them, 1 from Nov 09′ and 2 from Oct 10′. In the Fall of those years the track had its last repaving. Done in 2 phases, the first in 09′ and the remainder in 10′. We were asked to come out and turn some laps so they could check out the transitions and get our oppinion of the surface.

These are bonus outings that are just plain fun. Of course, I dragged a few friends out with their karts too. Afterall, what are friends for but to chase around the track!!! I’m posting the 09′ clip, you can see the others at the YT channel. READ the description for each…. they tell the story.