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Richard talbert

Briggs 206, rental karts; tomato, tamato! racing is racing unless, were at six flags America. As some one said, stick to your budget.

Anyway, I’m sorry Ekarting news for my language, I seen people cursing a couple of times and no complaint.

Clark, I’ve been to Nicholson and sandy hook; not as much as I want due to transportation issues.  I have driven, never raced, tags at NJMP, Sandy hook and Pitt. And of course, I’ve raced there rental karts; I can never forget home.(NJMP, excellent track by the way) I try not to watch you guys to much, it scares the shit out of me; sorry!

Freddy, you guys on the west coast, have by far, the largest karting community in the US. Whether rental karts or shifter and most of those rental kart guys run tag or shifter. The most tracks per square mile and SKUSA! I wouldn’t drive my equipment from coast to coast either, hence arrive and drive. I watch the Streets of Lancaster races all the time and that first night race you guys had was absolutely amazing! I wished you guys hadn’t taken out that chicane; on the down side it did look kind of dangerous.

Also, you can read a persons tone from text.

Clean racing to all and thanks for responding!